Three Utah brothers with balloon animals

We at Party Pipeline have been twisting balloons in Utah for over 16 years, and we would like to share some insights on what it is like to hire a local, professional balloon artist. Keep in mind that this article comes from the perspective of the balloon twister, so it may differ from the side of the customer. That being said, customers have been very honest and generous with feedback about their experiences in hiring our services, so we hope you will get a good idea of what to expect when hiring a pro balloon twister here in this beautiful state. If you want to jump to hiring a balloon artist right away, click here.

  1. Every Balloon Artist Has A Different Skillset & Style – I personally have been doing balloon art for over 20 years, so by now simple designs such as dogs, cats, swords, monkeys, and even unicorns are an afterthought, and muscle memory ensures that my hands can make them within seconds, all while chatting with the kids or letting my eyes wander to people-watch at the event. However, most balloon artists do not have THAT amount of time and practice under their belt; few do because they have other jobs (and lives). Therefore, a great deal of artists that may show up to your event may not be the Dumbledore of balloon twisting. Rather, they may be the Ron Weasley of balloon art. And although Ron Weasley may not be as fast and capable as Dumbledore, he still has the magic. He can still churn out awesome designs that will make children’s faces light up and parents go “Blimey!” So what does this mean when hiring an artist: Will everyone get the Dumbledore? Well, not always. Sometimes you will get the grand master, Wizard Dumbledore, and sometimes you will get Ron. Pictures on websites and Instagram are helpful to know what kind of balloon art you can expect. Generally, the basics we teach at Party Pipeline can make 99.9% of clients pleased and say “I’ve never seen those creations before!”. So, expect every artist to make a slightly different unicorn, and remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  2. Expect A Line – People who have never hired a balloon artist tend to underestimate how popular the twister can get. At corporate events and even birthday parties, parents and children will line up and wait for up to an hour to get a simple balloon creation. As a rule of thumb, a normal balloon artist can do anywhere between 25-50 balloon sculptures an hour. If they are doing simple designs like swords, they can churn those out fast, and get close to, if not go over, that 50 sculpture amount. If they are requested to do designs like dragons, you can expect the line to move a lot slower. So, the best way to mitigate people from waiting a long time in line and to help prevent overwhelming the balloon artist is to hire multiple artists. By having more artists there, it becomes less of a balloon factory and more of a balloon spa where the customer doesn’t feel like a number to get done before the time runs out.
  3. Better Comfort = Better Experience – If the balloon artist is placed in the sun, it won’t be long until the balloons are drenched in sweat and a good portion of the balloons pop while being made, because they can’t stand the heat. So, it is really essential that the balloon artists are placed is a shaded area with space to work and a some shade where the guests may line up. If the event is long (2+ hours) and well attended, the balloon artists can get too busy to take a break and may get thirsty and hungry. There have been times for me that the event can be so draining that, at the end of the event, I feel like I might just wither away. However, at events where I am kept hydrated and full–I feel like I could go forever. So, we love when the host inquires as to how we are doing and even brings us a cool drink or a plate of food. When the balloon artist is as comfortable as possible, you get a better performance.
  4. Adults Love Balloon Animals Too – All it takes is one. I have been at many events where the kids have gotten their balloons and are running around playing with them. And the balloon artist gets bored and starts offering balloon designs to the adults at the event. Usually, the first few will turn down the offer on principle, thinking balloons are to be enjoyed by children alone, and they don’t want to appear immature. However, when one adult will buck that trend and ask for something fun, then their friend will give in and ask to be surprised. The other adults will see their friends with a cute turtle bracelet or a cool hammer and then request for the balloon artist to make them something as well. It really is quite heartwarming to see adults connect with their inner child and let loose. Balloon art turns the clock back.
  5. Tips Are Appreciated – We at Party Pipeline do not require to be tipped but love it when we are! There have been commercial businesses I have run into that have hard requests or have even demand tips, and I find it simply obnoxious. And I don’t want my customers to have a similar experience. Here in Utah, we don’t have a strong tipping culture, so I don’t get offended when I am not tipped. But I am always impressed when I am. People often ask, “How much is a good tip?” Once again, I leave that up to the customer. But I have been tipped anywhere from $10 to $150, and I am appreciative of both.
Balloon Entertainers in Utah
Local Utah Balloon Artists
A nice Utah family with balloon animals, hats and laser guns in Provo, Utah
Balloon Art at the Riverwoods
Co-workers at a company party with balloon hats
Balloons At A Company Party
A young girl with a balloon sword and her face painted at a farmers market in Utah
Balloons At A Farmers Market

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