We got the request to make 2 life size balloon sculptures of Roblox characters, not being 10 years old, we had to look up what Robloxs were! Turns out a Roblox fan can make their own characters (super cool avatars) and this special birthday boy had 2 favorite characters that his parents wanted to be on display during his birthday party. Well, making a balloon sculpture is never straight forward, especially when you have never done the specific design before, and you have less than 24hrs to complete it! (balloons don’t last very long haha) Luckily, we have had experience with these life size sculptures before, ever since 2012 where we made a life size balloon of LeBron James that went viral and landed the video on ESPNs Top 10. Since then, we have learned some useful techniques to make the sculpture last longer and look better. So after 10 hours of working late into the night in a gym in Provo, Utah we busted these bad boys out! Fortunately the boy and family loved them, another happy client!

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