Sobe Eats

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What To Expect When Booking Sobe Eats

  • Founded by The Soberanis Brothers, 3 accomplished professional chefs from the Salt Lake City area each with 25+ years of experience in the culinary industry.
  • Sobe Eats is a sustainable and environmental catering company with a strong passion for food.
  • We are a Southern Style Mexican caterer from Acapulco Mexico.
  • We are thrilled for the possibility of being your caterer of choice!


  • $18 per person: Single Serving of 3 Tacos
  • $19 per person: Single Serving Tostada
  • $19 per person: Single Serving Rice Bowl
  • $22 per person: Unlimited Taco Bar
  • $28 per person: Unlimited Tostada Bar
  • Winners of:

BEST OF STATE “Best Mexican Mobile & Best Innovation” 2020

BEST OF STATE “Best Mexican Mobile” 2021 (2 consecutive years)

BEST OF STATE “Best Mexican” (Drive Thru) Informal dining