Caricature Artists

From: $150.00

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What to Expect When Hiring a Caricature Artist

  • You will need to supply each caricature artist with at least 3 chairs (1 for the artist, and at least 2 for the people being drawn)
  • Each artist brings his/her own paper and supplies that is included in the hourly rate
  • A single caricature artist can draw up to 15-20 faces when using just black and white colors
  • We recommend 1 caricature artist if your event has less than 20 people, 2 artists for 20-40 people, and 3+ artists for 40+ people
  •  Each caricature artists has his/her own style that can put a fun twist on your likeness!
  • Caricatures are very popular to have at  corporate events, community gatherings, fundraisers, etc.
  • Also consider hiring a balloon artist, or a face painter.