Balloon Artists

From: $105.00

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What To Expect When Hiring A Balloon Artist

  • A Balloon Artist usually shows up 10-15 min before start time to get settled.
  • A single artist can make around 30-50 balloon sculptures an hour when doing simple designs.
  • All of the balloons and supplies are covered by the hourly rate.
  • The Balloon Artist usually stands in the best spot possible and then people line up to get a balloon.
  • Generally the guests are given options of what they could ask for, or they can ask for a custom request.
  • We recommend 1 balloon artist for events with less than 30 kids, 2 artists for 30-60 kids, and 3+ artists for events of 100 kids or more.
  • Balloon Artists can make all sorts of designs, from puppy dogs to unicorns, from swords to laser blasters!
  • Balloon art is great for birthday parties, community gatherings, corporate events, fundraisers, family events, etc.
  • Customers also like to hire our face painters with our balloon artists.