Airbrush Tattoos

From: $125.00

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What To Expect When Hiring An Airbrush Artist

  • Airbrush Artists generally arrive 15-20 min before start time to get set up.
  • Access to power is needed, artists will bring their own table and chairs .
  • Artist brings a design menu board that guests can choose from.
  • Each Airbrush artist can paint 20-40 guests per hour depending on design complexity.
  • Quality colorful cosmetic grade paint will last 2-3 days.
  • Long lasting ink that lasts 5-7 days is available upon request for a traditional black tattoo look.
  • Remove airbrush tattoos with soap and water, or rubbing alcohol depending on type of ink.
  • Airbrush is great for teens, adults, kids of all ages and parties with water features.
  • All supplies for airbrushing are included in the hourly rate.